Trying not to bring new things into the house is difficult.  Today, I purchased a trench coat and flats…both basics that I will wear continuously.  If I donate the trench with the short arms and missing buttons and throw away my torn up flats, will I still be cheating?  What if I donate two pairs of shoes?

Today, after dinner, I am going to deep clean and declutter my kitchen by following the advice of Leo Babauta’s blog, Zenhabits.

1. Clear off my dining room table.

2. Start on one side of the room and work to the other.

3. Do one drawer or cabinet at a time.

4. Pull everything out of the drawer or cabinet and pile it in the working space. Clean out the drawer or shelf.

5. Sort the pile into two piles: 1) what you use regularly and love, and 2) what you’re going to get rid of. Pick up one item at a time and make an instant decision — when was the last time you used this? If you haven’t used it within 12 mos, get rid of it.

6. When you’ve sorted through the pile, put back the stuff you love and use, neatly. Put the other pile into a box to donate or recycle or give to friends and family.

7. Move on to the next drawer or shelf or section of floor. Repeat the process until you’ve worked your way across the entire room.


Today was the first day of my elimination diet from the book “Clean” by Dr. Alejandro Junger.  It is a book about detoxifying your system and identifying allergies and causes of inflammation.  I was so worried about not being able to find things to eat, until my friend took me to Chipotle Mexican Grill.  I had a fantastic burrito bowl and was able to stick to my diet!  In addition to that, I had a meal supplement shake (2 scoops Thorne Mediclear and 1 scoop Thorne Medibulk, which were prescribed by my naturopath and are cheaper than the supplement sold by Dr. Junger) with frozen blueberries and kale for breakfast and will be eating the last half of my lunch from Chipotle for dinner.


Does a mental expulsion of everything in my head to this blog count?  Before bed I will be reading “The Answer”, by John Assaraf.


I spent the day with my best friend…just doing nothing.  Absolutely refreshing.


Not a work day!!  I did read my emails, though.


Where to start?

I am worrying that this life overhaul will be overwhelming and I will be juggling too many projects at once.  To combat this, I have broken my strategy up into different steps:

Step 1: I need to identify the important aspects of my life that need an overhaul.


Step 2: Set specific and S.M.A.R.T. goals for each aspect.  I will be putting together detailed goal plans in my Getting  Things Done planner -one of the best things that has happened to me since Outlook.

Home | I need my home to be organized and clutter-free.  It needs to be a place where I can relax and enjoy.  A clean, happy, and clutter-free home will not only support my relationships, but give me a place to renew my mind.

Goal 1:  Complete my remodel by July 1st, 2010.

Goal 2:  Declutter and deep clean one room in my home a week.

Body | I need to be healthy and alert.

Goal 1:  Exercise 4 days a week

Goal 2:  Implement the elimination diet for one week

Goal 3:  Detox my body for 14 days

Mind | I need to learn and experience new things often.

Goal 1:  Read every night

Goal 2: Plan a vacation every six months

Goal 3:  Try a new restaurant once a month.

Relationships | I need to spend more quality time with the ones I love.

Goal 1:  Make dinner with Tanner 4 days a week

Goal 2:  Spend Sunday evenings with family

Goal 3:  Set aside friend time

Work | I need to create systems to simplify my work.

Goal 1:   Organize and declutter

Goal 2:  Simplify my work week

Goal 3:  Create Systems

Goal 4:  Build up my Database

Step 3. Schedule time to address each area of your life and create a routine.  Focus on one goal for each area…do it for a month, and move on to the next.  I’m going to try not to do too much at once.  These activities are what are important to me.  If I am to simplify my life, I will do these activities and nothing more -until my priorities change, of course.  Bye-bye Perez Hilton, E! Fashion Police, Oprah, and Slickdeals.net.

Step 4. Create affirmations for each goal you are currently addressing and read them every morning.

New Beginnings

I want to eliminate excess.

Too much responsibility, too much stuff, too much food, too many choices, too much of EVERYTHING. My to-do list is too long and my time too short.

We are in an environment of over-consumption and overindulgence.  I no longer want to be a product of my environment.

Sometimes I’m so consumed by what I want, I forget what I need.

It’s time to focus on the simple things.  I want my home|body|work|relationships to be clear|clean|simple.